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created? what for?

clutteredeskWhy were we created? If the world is saturated in darkness, or shall we say evil, then why would an all encompassing God bring life into the picture only to experience death? And not just physical death, though painful, yet a death of spirit and soul?

This is a conversation topic between a friend and I for many weeks now as we meet at Starbucks to discuss the existence of God, or the need for something that man created. Truly, our conversation over this matter has really got me to think about the creator’s relationship to his creation.

…for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20)

Both you and I  were created merely for relationship with God. And engraved in us is the detailed description and ability to love. A devout husband loves his wife moreso than his ownself, and despite what conflicts arise in the relationship his love surpasses all understanding and endures all things to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his wife.

And in our current world culture, the devout man could be seen as a radical figure and could be judged wasteful because of his selflessness. A non-devout might say that no human is worth that much sacrifice, that kind of love. And as a result, the non-devout would love himself in the same way that the devout husband loves his wife but the love and sacrifice would be focused on himself and not on another being. This nature of love and sacrifice is ingrained in our very make-up but how we choose to use it is not. This is the predicament of love.

But this mystic code that is written into our behavior and thinking patterns must have come from somewhere and something that is able to fully comprehend the idea, action and consequence of love and sacrifice. This pointing to a creator of love and sacrifice.

The very code that is programmed in people and the people who choose devotion and selflessness can only come from perfection in devotion and selflessness in relationship with the creator, our creator.

So as I sit with my friend, she asked, “Then why if we have that relationship with God are we taught to be servants and slaves? Is our creation only to serve as servants and slaves?” Yet, in love, being a servant and slave to the one who is loved is the only true act of devotion we are able to comprehend and understand.

The devout husband serves his wife because she is the true definition of his love. It is natural to him since he loves her, the devout husband puts himself aside to assure her safety and her growth.

Now, we may interpret ‘slavery’ and ‘servant hood’ as means for an owner to have control and command over a servant or slave. However, Christ’s calling to servant hood and slavery can only be experienced by completely giving one’s self to someone they love so they are not equal any longer, yet the lover puts himself lower and raises the loved one.

If the devout husband is asked to give his life for his wife, there is but only one option because love is self-sacrifice. A devout husband would give his life without a single thought to his own.

So then our relationship with the creator is that, that we would give ourselves to Him out of love. We can only know this because He first did it for us through Jesus Christ. He does not need our guilt or obligation in relationship, but He asks for our sacrifice, our self-sacrifice.

I find pity for those who live in obligation and guilt to God, those who saturate the hallways of religious institutions from week to week. I only find pity because they have choosen for their devotion to be somewhere other than the true relationship with God, yet they feel it necessary to offer their attendance as a guilt offering.

The creation’s body is only given because it willingly gives it. We give it because it is written in our spiritual structure and make-up. Yet we were shown the ultimate self-sacrifice in Jesus Christ and that love is beginning to make more sense to one of His creations, me.

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