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There He Goes – A Hero!

Just the other day, in the midst of my Christian music phase, I heard a song that I can’t seem to shake. Here, let me show you:

Hero by Abandon

He walked the dirty streets. Famous for nothing.
He said “come follow me” and they came.
A face like all the rest.
But something was different.
The Son of God would lead the way.
And soon they all would say.

There He goes – a hero. A savior to the world.
Here He stands with scars in His hands.
With love He gave His life so we could be free.
The Savior of the world.

He spoke with clarity. Walked across the sea.
A single word would calm the storm.
His touch could heal the sick, but He was called a hypocrite.
Laid behind the stone. His death was shortly mourned. He left the curtain torn.

He choose to take the cross. Shed tears for the lost, the broken, and the needy.
Forgiving those who were and will be.
The angel made it clear. He told them have no fear.
He’s not here. He’s not here!


Now, when I first heard this song, I immediately tilted my head to the left and said, “Wow, what band was that?” Then, a few days later, I heard it again on the radio and thought to myself, “Man, that is pretty cool. I need to find out who this band is.” But, after a few weeks, I didn’t care about the name of the band any more.

The lyrics were beginning to do something to my heart (which I am pretty sure the writer intended to happen). Reread the chorus, “There He goes – a hero. A Savior to the world. Here He stands with scars in His hands.” It sounds crazy coming from someone who gets up in front of crowds from week to week leading people to worship and also, preaches the gospel, but it was almost as if I had completely forgot about what Christ did, and who Christ was.

I mean, sure, he bared my sin, I got that but after awhile it becomes very easy to simply say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” And throughout all of my ministry and all that I had going in life (that is supposedly for the glory of God), I had forgotten that this man is my hero, the Savior to the world.

I became the man in the crowd who was looking upon the death of Jesus, saying, “Well, just another day, just another man.” I had moved passed the cross and forgotten it. Yet, when hearing this song for the first time, it was as if I was being introduced to Jesus for the first time. It was a divine slap in the face.

And as I hear now, well…I want cry like a little girl. He is a hero. He has the scars to prove it. And those scars are my journey, my life. But even more so, “With love He gave His life so we (I) could be free.” We don’t move past the cross, we are firmly planted at it, in it’s grace and mercy.

So, for weeks, my heart is stripped to it’s barest form reminding me of when He first found me. When I hear this song, I cannot help but stop and weep for my hero. May you also be reminded of who Jesus is, and what he did for us…and join me in crying like a little girl.

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