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2011. Everyone is taking time to write there new goals and resolutions down. So, I began thinking the other day that maybe I should do the same. Here it goes:


Curtis Thomas’ New Years Resolutions for 2011

1. Make a resolution


Pretty anti-climatic, huh? I’ve never been one for resolutions to be honest.  However, a new passion that has sparked within my wife over the Christmas season has developed into her 2011 pet project, Project Seventh Day. And watching this new-found passion and motivation has really convicted me.

You always hear the saying, “Opposites attract.” And those two opposites are me and my wife. It has become a natural phenomenon in our household to look at each other and say, “How did we end up together?” We have completely different tastes in music (she likes country, I want to rip my eyes out with daggers when I hear country), different tastes in movies (I want the entire Scary Movie box set, she would rather punch me in the face), different tastes in reading material (she got a Kindle for Christmas, I got a Batman comic book), and so on, and so on. But, don’t get me wrong, our marriage is not in shambles. Remember, “opposites attract.” My wife and I really work together!

One of the biggest opposites that we come across more often than not is our difference in planning for the future. My wife does just that, she plans. She has spent weeks getting everything together for her new venture, Project Seventh Day. She has spoke to multiple people for ideas. Perfectly constructed a plan of action for carrying out the weeks of 2011. Bought a desktop calendar for our kitchen that has every thing written on it. All of this so she can plan and prepare for the future. If she doesn’t have any of that, then her life becomes chaotic and stressful…and so does mine. She functions on planning.

Then there is me. I believe the only thing I have ever planned for in my life was Halo 3 parties during college and skipping classes the next day because I was up all night schooling an 8 yr. olds on the meaning of “death by sniper.” I’m the guy who didn’t know where he was going to college when He graduated from High School, and only ended up at a college because his best friend and girlfriend were going there. I’m also the guy who woke up one July morning to a conversation on the phone from the administration office of my college to find out that my records were incorrect and I had actually finished all my hours in May. I was allowed to go to lunch as a college graduate that day. If my inability to plan for my future was diagnosable, it would be ADHDeriffic!

But, that is home for me. That is where I’ve always lived and feel most comfortable. I am comfortable with not planning, not know. But my wife, she lives in planning-ville. That is where she is most comfortable. And together, we really do work. For her, I bring that sense of spontaneity. The ability to not look into the future and expect every little detail to work out. The ability to take the crazy part of life that is happening unexpectedly, and enjoy the chaos at times. And for me, she brings the much needed responsibility of adulthood, and acting like adult in all aspect of life. The need for a vision and expectation of the future.

So when you look at our lists of resolutions, her’s is a mile long filled with important life-changing and life-bettering things (I really do encourage you to check it out. The entire concept is quite amazing and I am looking forward to all the benefits of her cooking!). And mine, well, I got bored after writing the number “1” on my list. Yet, my wife and I, we really do work! I guess you could say that we are the poster children for “opposite attraction.”

By the way, I decided last night as I was watching TV that I am going to run a 5K. “Why,” you ask? … Well, why not!?!

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