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Enjoying the Seventh Day

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Just recently (January 2011), my wife, Cassie, has created her own little project (you can check it out here) which is quite an extraordinary project, I might say. Her project is named, Project Seventh Day. It includes a mixture of changing life styles, disciplines and dieting, while also, taking a day off to enjoy food, fun, family, and… well, sanity.

While I was there when this concept was contrived, I had no idea what my involvement would be. Maybe a little encouragement here and there. Maybe the need to endure a salad more than I necessarily want to. But, then the first Saturday (seventh day) came. All of her hard work from the week of exercise and dieting would pay off… for me.

My wife wants to cook, try out new recipes and dishes, and enjoy food in such a way that hedonist would be jealous, and I am the guinea pig. The meal that she has spent all week thinking about, creating a recipe, preparing the groceries and spending hours to cook, involves me pulling up a chair, grabbing a fork and indulging my taste buds.

Now, I’ve never recieved a free meal at a 5 star restaurant due the article I am to write the next day. Heck, I’ve never been to a 5 star restaurant. However, Project Seventh Day is a 5 star idea! I’m no food critic, but I am a lover of food. I know what tastes good… and also, what my dog wouldn’t even eat.

I’m not saying I will critique my wife’s cooking (no, that would be a mistake of tremendous proportions). However, I will enjoy the benefits of having a wife with such passions that it overflows to my waistline. And, I will let you know a non-food critic’s point of view on my most favorite restaurant in town, my wife’s kitchen.

I hope you enjoy! I hope you find the information useful. And I hope that one day you could experience the same glorious thing that I do every seventh day. Cheers!


Week One

What better way to start off Project Seventh Day then to bring home some comfort food from the south, fried goodness! Now, I have to be honest. I “like” fried food, but don’t “love” fried food like many people do. I hate to feel greasy, or gooey, or gross; and fried food does just that for and to me. Yet, I was intrigued when Cassie told me that the secret to her fried chicken was “double dipping.” (Read more…)


Week Two

Imagine this: sitting in the living room while your wife is in the kitchen composing her masterpiece for this week’s project, and then you hear her say, “Dang it! This is going to be a disaster.” (Read more…)

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