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The Modern Gentleman

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Let’s be honest. We can officially state that chivalry is dead. Some men are still known for there morals and presentation of self, but the world has killed the gentlemanly trait of chivalry. Yet, even though such a thing may no longer exist in the circle of men, or has made it absurdly unaffordable for most, there is an urge in most men to be something better.

If there is one thing that a man might be known for is his persistence. If a man is to develop a passion in something or someone, and his attention and absolute focus were to be consumed by this then there would be nothing to stand in his way from completing the objective, or obtaining the object. But, hidden in the deep complexities of a man’s passion and focus, and going deeper into the inner workings of a man’s soul is a trait by which the entire core and existence of man’s being is fueled, honor.

And, within this trait is a self-determined and God-written code by which a man survives and lives, consciously and subconsciously. Many men will fail at crossing over the rite of passage of boyishness to manly disciplines, and die a prideful, convoluted, wanderer lost in his disability to find himself.  However, the other few will continually search out perfection as their understanding of self is saturated with humility and respect. And they will die fulfilled and pleased with their journey as they have tried and tested themselves, understanding the meaning to live. This is concept of the Modern Gentleman.

The Modern Gentlemen is not about a list of morals, per se. It is deeper than that. It goes beyond the surface, and even the heart of a man. It is about the idea that drives the heart of men. The idea that life is something to be fought for, something to be enjoyed, and something to die for. It is the idea that today you should wake up a better man than you were yesterday. It is the idea that perfection should not obtained, but should be sought after. It is a purpose. It is a vision. It is a goal.

The Conception

When I was in my early twenties, I worked in a cigar and fine gifts store; later, I would find myself managing the store. Though much of the reoccurring clientele were older and more wiser in their years, I begin to take notice of an ‘underground’ group of twenty-something males seeking out, what many would call, the finer things of life. I found myself entering into conversations with these men who were yearning to change their discipline and attitude towards manliness; yet, was confused as to what manliness was and by what means they were to afford it.

There eyes would light up and you could see their imagination ignite as they began to imagine themselves in other men’s shoes – men who were enjoying these ‘finer things.’ And in an instant, certain disciplines, often overlooked by many, became their reality; coffee, shaving, tobacco, grooming, etc.. But, more often than not, the twenty-something’s wallet carried the wrong credentials. And, the men left with a sense of doubt in themselves and their ability to be the man who their heart tugged at them to be.

Years later, I met a man named, Tim Brown. During many conversations over cigars and drink of choice, we found many similarities in our pursuit of manliness. Throughout the years of our friendship, we sought out our respected desires towards manly disciplines, and found encouragement and intellectual stimulation in our anticipated meetings.

After years of searching, poking and prodding our own hearts and desires towards the manly arts, we put a name to the movement, The Modern Gentleman. This is not a new concept by any means, but an understanding and revitalization of an older one.

The Revitalization

As I stated above, chivalry is dead. It was once a code for a class of men, pushing themselves to be something different, something better. And as time progressed, as well as culture, the movement died. The code was something  passed down from father to son in each generation. However, with the ongoing cultural perversion of family systems and male-to-male relationship, the code would be lost in self-doubt and prideful ambition.

Yet, this code is not something a man can merely get rid of. It goes deeper than that. It is written into the very structure and creation of a man. Men simply yearn to be something great. Some are able to harness this yearning and put a definition to it, adapting it to their life, their discipline, their relationship and their self-perception. Others find themselves lost in a mindless searching for greatness in the midst of nothingness.

The young men who would come into my store so many years ago discovered their yearning and they were trying to put definition to it. They saw themselves as men who walked differently, talked differently, conducted business differently, and lived life at a higher standard. However, that reality for them was to expensive.

That is where the Modern Gentleman comes in. We want to help make that reality affordable to you. We want to help you understand your own yearning. We want to help you define your manliness.

The Modern Gentleman

The Modern Gentleman is a pet project, in which Tim and I want to help young men afford that reality. And not only afford it, but understand it, too. We want to open up a whole new world to manliness. This movement is for those who have the urges for greatness, yet feel the necessity to tame it. It is understanding and adapting the discipline of manliness to our lives so that we are better men and the world around us is a better world.

Some will catch on and some won’t, but we hope that you take our experience, our finding, our experiments and our understandings, and let it assist you in your rite of passage.

What is the Modern Gentleman going to look like? It is going to be a journey of disciplines, arts, ideas and experiences. We will see out different ideas of manliness and give our perspective on it. And when certain concepts are usually tainted with extreme amounts of money (i.e. $150 shaving brush from Art of Shaving), we will seek out the affordable (i.e. Why to even use a shaving brush?). Manliness should not be elite. It should not be expensive. But, it should be open for any man with an urge for greatness. It is about bringing a new standard for men across the world, across the nation, and across the street. It is about you becoming who you were made to be.

Become the Modern Gentleman.

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