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Finding Relevance?

Everyone’s on a journey, whether it may be in faith or outside of it. But, within that journey, we are struck with curiosity, frustrations, anger, enthusiasm, doubt, contempt, pain, struggle, giggles, laughter, or anything in between. Finding Relevance is meant to simply find the meaning in the craziness of life. Whether through the pain and suffering, or through the joy and laughter, I always ask the question, “Why?”

I want to find the meaning of why I do the things I do in my life, or why things happen to me the way they do. Everything is laid out to be examined whether it is comfortable or it tickles, I must find relevance in it. It’s a journey and a process. But not one I am afraid to uncover. It may be meaningless to you, but to me, it’s my life. Enjoy, learn and laugh.

Who Writes This Stuff?

Curtis hails from West Texas, born and raise 2 miles south of Hell, Odessa, Texas. He enjoys laughing, thinking, reading, and listening to the rain fall on the sky light. Curtis married, since 2008, and has one offspring, since 2010. Currently, there are negotiations with the State as to how many more children they will allow him to have.

Curtis has numerous journals on his bookshelves of previous experiences and conversations, yet most of them can be found 2/3 empty because, “starting over fresh is invigorating!”

Curtis currently works as the Youth Pastor at Fellowship Church of Lubbock where he leads his flock to the fields and sheer them for protection in the winter. Curtis enjoys leading worship, but more importantly irony. Irony is, “the fuel for life.”

Curtis has been a Christian since 1997 and continues to struggle with the faith to this day. His passion is to grow deeper and more intimate with Jesus Christ, but finds it difficult to do so through the lens of organized Christianity. Curtis also struggles with the theology of Calvanism, yet, he claims that God already knew he would disagree with it.

Curtis is currently working on his Masters in Professional Counseling. “If people have a hard time accepting Christ, I’ll convince them to do so and then make them think it was their idea. Then I will charge them $100 for my time.”

If you would like to contact Curtis,he accepts all conversations through email. Although, if it is to complain, there is a separate email for you. Just replace Curtis’ email with your own.

Email Curtis at curtisthomas621@gmail.com

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