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Christmas Has Everyone’s Attention…

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I believe in Santa Clause. Yet, even more than believing in Santa Clause and waiting for the morning of the 25th finding cookies half eaten and milk have gone there is a bigger story taking place. Ringing throughout all of eternity, even before there was time, this season had everyone’s attention.

Every time a baby is born, time stops as families and parents stand in awe of the creation of life. The 7lbs, wrinkled skin, fragile body brings the persons involved to tears of joy and happiness. Their whole life and existence pauses knowing that nothing more precious is deserving in life. That life has breath for a reason only a creator can imagine. And for each, you and me, we were that to our families at one point in history. So should our God be to us even more so. For Christmas has everyone’s attention. Read more…

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