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A Plea to a Father…

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

So, it’s been 7 months and  8 days since my wife and I were blessed with a little baby named Cohen. Yes, it was such a happy moment for us, yet scary all the same. But, when it was all done, we got to take him home, afraid that if we hold him the wrong way or forget to support the weight of his gigantic head, it might pop off like a Barbie doll or his “action-grip” may cease to be anything less than action or grip.

So like children with a new toy, my wife and I carefully changed diapers, gave bathes and played with Cohen, who didn’t do much but lay there and stare off into space dreaming of fairies and unicorns, as his mother and I pranced around like Christmas elves excited about the onset of Christmas urging a smile from him. And as Cohen continued to grow over the months, learning new things and beginning to recognize us when we enter the room, there was one thing that continued to bother me. Read more…


A father’s calling…

February 24, 2010 4 comments

My family… a phrase that takes a whole new meaning today. Just a few days ago it was only Cassie and I walking this journey of life together, alone. Now? I have a family! A son! A whole new journey…

Three days ago, as I woke up early to spend time with the Lord, I was pointed to this passage in Galatians:

But when God, who set me apart from birth and called me by his grace… (Galatians 1:15)

God has called us, but more importantly for me on this day, God has called Cohen. By God’s grace, the very name Cohen was uttered from the lips of God. God spoke Cohen’s name into existence. God already has a plan for Cohen, and it is not by chance that Cohen is here today. God’s grace is enough…

For the past few weeks, Cassie’s blood pressure has been dangerously high even on bed rest. While in the hospital, starting labor, Cassie’s blood pressure kept all the nurses and staff on their toes. But the time came when Cohen was ready to be out.

As contractions advanced and pushing began, Cassie’s blood pressure reached it’s high at 205/136. Cohen had to come fast yet Cassie couldn’t push any harder. After an hour and 25 minutes of watching my wife struggle through the pain, a head full of hair emerged and soon after, God’s little gift came into the world.

As all the overwhelming emotions began to stabilize for us, the doctor then chose to share with us what is truly a miracle. Cohen’s umbilical cord was tied in a knot 3 inches above the placenta, wrapped around his neck once and wrapped around his feet twice. Yet, Cohen was perfectly alright.

Cassie and Cohen, both, have become the talk of the hallways at the hospital.

So as I sat with the Lord on Monday hearing Him call Cohen by name, it is only apparent on this day the faith and comfort that conversation would bring. He is my son, but even more so, he is God’s child. How can we ignore a God that does this?

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