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The $300 Belt

March 3, 2011 1 comment

“No Excuses!”

Well, that is what I hear as I try to convince myself of a worthy reason as to why I haven’t written in almost three weeks. Honestly, I have no excuse. However, during my stint of laziness, I’ve been meditating on an article which I read a while ago.

The article titled, “Who Are You?” (by Roy S. Johnson, Editor in Chief, Men’s Fitness/March 2011), presses the reader to take a look at ourselves completely stripped of the stuff and things that control our identity; such as what we wear, drive, eat, etc.. Then, when all else is gone, who and what is left?

      Ultimately, who we are is what we leave behind. Sure, you might have a will crammed with all kinds of stuff to leave your family and loved ones. But even if your estate is worth millions, it won’t be as valuable as you and how you touched those around you, how you taught those around you – by your actions and words
      Make sure you like you when there’s nothing else around.

Well put! But why bring it up? Because, in essences, this is the heart of the Modern Gentleman. Too many times am I needing constant reminders of what it means to take pride in “me.” Everyday, I have to ask myself, “What am I doing to invest in me?” And this question is the foundation of The Modern Gentleman.

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Perverted Manliness

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Found in The Modern Gentleman articles.

Let’s take a moment to talk about manliness. For the past several months, I’ve been consumed with this idea that men should become better at being men. And much of theses ideas have encapsulated itself into the new project, The Modern Gentleman. But, I dare say that the issue plaguing the fowl mouth, insecure, hedonistic society and culture of today (and most of history) is the lack of emphasis we have on raising boys to be well-defined, justice driven, confident, self responsible men.

Let’s face it. Our culture has bastardized the definition of men, and the values that are naturally written in the DNA of every male. God forbid society raises any more men that qualify for a spot on The Jersey Shore. Read more…

The Modern Gentleman

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

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Let’s be honest. We can officially state that chivalry is dead. Some men are still known for there morals and presentation of self, but the world has killed the gentlemanly trait of chivalry. Yet, even though such a thing may no longer exist in the circle of men, or has made it absurdly unaffordable for most, there is an urge in most men to be something better.

If there is one thing that a man might be known for is his persistence. If a man is to develop a passion in something or someone, and his attention and absolute focus were to be consumed by this then there would be nothing to stand in his way from completing the objective, or obtaining the object. But, hidden in the deep complexities of a man’s passion and focus, and going deeper into the inner workings of a man’s soul is a trait by which the entire core and existence of man’s being is fueled, honor.

And, within this trait is a self-determined and God-written code by which a man survives and lives, consciously and subconsciously. Many men will fail at crossing over the rite of passage of boyishness to manly disciplines, and die a prideful, convoluted, wanderer lost in his disability to find himself.  However, the other few will continually search out perfection as their understanding of self is saturated with humility and respect. And they will die fulfilled and pleased with their journey as they have tried and tested themselves, understanding the meaning to live. This is concept of the Modern Gentleman. Read more…