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City Cigar Store Brand Hand-Rolled Cigar – Connecticut Shaggy Torpedo

City Cigar Store Brand Hand-rolled Cigar – Connecticut Shaggy Torpedo

No, this is not a review on the store itself; rather, their hand-rolled cigars by an employee. I did not have the opportunity to inquire a lot about the cigar roller, but what I do have to say is, check this place out!

During a weekend vacation, in which I usually frequent a local cigar shop, I stopped by this very small, cigar shop near down town Dallas. The cigar shop was packed with strangers watching the final minutes of the NBA game (no idea who was playing), but I weaseled my way to the back where the tightly, cram packed, walk-in humidor laid. My first impression was not promising in the least, but I notice one of the walls was decorated with freshly rolled, nicely groomed, unmarked cigars. They only labeling was on the box, offering their wrapper and their strength. (My philosophy is to grab one or two store brand cigars at every store I go to. It shows the value that the cigar owners gives to his selection) Read more…

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Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 (50 year) Short Churchill (6×48)

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 (50 year) Short Churchill (6×48)
(scroll down for cigar info)

Well, I’ll be honest. My history with a Torano cigar has not been the best. I have never counted them as a “no-go” smoke, but past sticks did not hold up to my standard for a good smoke. However, trustworthy smoking buddies have constantly brought them up in conversation; so, when I was handed one by Steve, the only salesman I trust with my tobacco needs, I thought, “Why not give it another shot.”

I was not expecting much out of it, initially. That is why I chose to smoke it while working on an assignment for class – I did not have to pay much attention to it. Yet, at the first strike of the match, I was intrigued. (read more…)

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