Avo Signature Lonsdale by Davidoff – Review #2

Avo Signature Lonsdale Natural
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Oh, where to start. The Avo Signature Lonsdale Natural (ASLN) is my secret weapon. Let me explain, when I worked at the cigar shop, the Avo Singature line sat on the shelf, in the back corner of the humidor, untouched. Just the way I like it… because that leaves more for me!

After months of skipping over this lovely cigar, I finally found the time to try it out. This cigar had me at first light. Immediately, I bought the only box we had in the store, and rush ordered several more for the humidor. The Avo Signature Lonsdale was about to be our “spotlight” cigar. We couldn’t keep them on the shelf from that moment forward.

CigarInspector.com says this about ASLN:

The Signature blend was created to celebrate the 75th birthday of Avo Uvezian, the Domincan binder and filler wear an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper (quite common for Avo cigars). Read more…

It was a chilly night (low 50’s) with no drink pairing, but good company with a close friend and conversations of personal accountability. The Avo Signature Lonsdale in my hand was making my mouth water and I couldn’t get it lit fast enough. The wrapper was not as oily as I usually prefer, but nevertheless, a spotless appearance and worthy cap. It had been years since I had an Avo Signature Lonsdale. This cigar is absolutely a steady “Curtis Top 5 cigar.”

With first light, the draw was nice and fluid with no strain. The burn was rough and a tad uneven, but, doable. It never got out of hand. Despite it’s size, this cigar would burn for a while. With conversation, the burn finally hit my fingers (<1 inch remaining) at about an hour and half. However, the ash was not to my liking, flaky. First ash was at 1/5 of cigar.

But, as I sat back, took a long, deep draw off of this perfectly constructed cigar, I was reminded of my favorite characteristics. The smoke was relatively light at the beginning with it’s woodsy tastes. There were some great complexities throughout the entirety of this cigar as the tastes would change significantly half way through, becoming a bit stronger (medium smoke) with more predominant tastes of wood. These tastes would be paired with a bit of spiciness hitting the lips. But, it wouldn’t last for long. As the cigar would near it’s end, the smoke became almost light again and the spiciness called it quits for the evening.

However, the most enjoyable character of this cigar is the last 1/3 of the cigar. The ASLN becomes a very pleasant, buttery and bitter taste on the back of tongue. “Bitter?” Not what you are thinking. It is something that is surprisingly pleasant. Think of it this way, if popcorn and butter got married and had multiple children, the last 1/3 of Avo Signature Lonsdale would be the child who hit it’s teens and rebelled against “the man.” You want to hate him, but then again, he has a point.

This cigar continues to keep you guessing in its complexity, and none of them are disappointing in the least. The tastes alone take your attention away from the poor ash and uneven burn.

Many reviews describe a creaminess to this cigar, and you can definitely feel that in each draw. With it’s heavy smoke, each draw leaves an abundance of flavor on your tongue. This is a cigar that you want to pay close attention to. One to smoke with a close friend, as if to step away from the reality for a while. A cigar that you would smoke after a long day at the office. A cigar to help you clear your mind. The Avo Signature Lonsdale is a smoke that you should not take advantage of.

Last, I dare say that my favorite character about the Avo Signature Lonsdale Natural is it’s smell. Not just the wrapper, which can be mouth-watering, but the untainted smoke. There are many cigars that just plain stink as you let it sit and burn naturally, but the ASLN is one smell that I enjoy most in cigar smoking. It is light and doesn’t burn the nostrils; yet, it gives the scent of a finely rolled tobacco and the rustic, comfortable lounge of your dreams.

The smoke brings back memories of closing down shop, propping my feet up and shedding the worries of the day. It is my cigar of choice when needing to fully relax. Sure it has bad notes (i.e. its burn, lack of oily wrapper, and price), but those can easily be overlooked with it’s top notch perfection in taste. It is no wonder why I had a hard time keeping them on the shelf. Much of the Avo line, I can take or leave. But the Signature Lonsdale will always have a place in my heart and my humidor. Smoke it with only the closest and most privileged of confidants.

Cheers and enjoy!

Cigar Description and Summary:

Date of Review: January 29th, 2011

Size: 6 x 43
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic, Long
Binder: Dominican Republic
Price: $10 per stick (10 to a box)

Cigar Look: spotlessly wrapped cigar with well-constructed cap, lacking oily textures
Cigar Taste (scale 1-10): 9, complex array of flavors changing every 1/3 of the cigar, light smoke with a bit of spiciness on the lips
Cigar Burn (scale 1-10): 5, stayed uneven for the majority of the smoke with flaky ash
Cigar Draw (scale 1-10): 9, little to no obstruction, full creamy smoke fills the palates making it easier to taste

Cigar Strength:   1(light)…………[5.1]…..…….10(dark)

Overall Rating (scale 1-100):  1(worst)…………………………….……[93]……100(best)

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