City Cigar Store Brand Hand-Rolled Cigar – Connecticut Shaggy Torpedo

City Cigar Store Brand Hand-rolled Cigar – Connecticut Shaggy Torpedo

No, this is not a review on the store itself; rather, their hand-rolled cigars by an employee. I did not have the opportunity to inquire a lot about the cigar roller, but what I do have to say is, check this place out!

During a weekend vacation, in which I usually frequent a local cigar shop, I stopped by this very small, cigar shop near down town Dallas. The cigar shop was packed with strangers watching the final minutes of the NBA game (no idea who was playing), but I weaseled my way to the back where the tightly, cram packed, walk-in humidor laid. My first impression was not promising in the least, but I notice one of the walls was decorated with freshly rolled, nicely groomed, unmarked cigars. They only labeling was on the box, offering their wrapper and their strength. (My philosophy is to grab one or two store brand cigars at every store I go to. It shows the value that the cigar owners gives to his selection)

Intrigued, I grabbed three (mild toro w/ habano wrapper, mild-med. shaggy torpedo w/ conneticut wrapper, and a full toro w/ habano and connecticut duel wrapper), all priced at around $6-7 a stick, which is high dollar for a “store brand.” When I got home, I poured a cup of my “go-to” pairing, Dr. Pepper, and lit up the shaggy end of the torpedo. I wish I would have grabbed 10 more.

The cigar is definitely teetering on the mild side, but very easy-going. The cigar flavor is built with rich leathery flavors, enveloped with strong earthy flavors. The wrapper has little to no spice on the tongue or smoke, and the draw is absolutely perfect. There is no bad after taste, which you usually get with a cheap cigar, and the tobacco taste is succulent. As well, the aroma is almost perfect without smoking it.

My pairing was not as enjoyable, however. Usually, Dr. Pepper, or any sugar based pairing brings about the sweetness of the tobacco to the back of your tongue, except for this cigar. I stopped drinking simply because it tasted like burnt popcorn in my throat. My suggestion would be to pair with a dark coffee, or strong cognac.

Also, the ash was dirty and flaky at times. You can usually expect that in the first 1/4 of the stick with a shag cut, but it lasted throughout. And, as the cigar neared its end (last 1/4), the smoke became a little harsher, but still lacked any bad after taste.

I wish I could tell you more about the cigar, filler, origin, etc.; but, I can’t. I can only point you to the store. If you are ever in the Dallas area, grab a few of these. I am hoping the other two are just as perfect.

Cheers and Enjoy!

Store Location: City Cigar, Dallas, TX


Cigar Description and Summary:

Date of Review: June 9th, 2012

Size: Unknown (assuming 6×48) Torpedo
Wrapper: Connecticut
Filler: Unknown
Price: $6-7/stick

Cigar Look: Very well constructed and managed, no visible oiliness,
Cigar Taste (scale 1-10): 8, great leathery taste, with strong, rich tobacco flavor
Cigar Burn (scale 1-10): 6, burned very evenly, except that the ash was flaky and dirty
Cigar Draw (scale 1-10): 10, great air passage with full smoke in each puff

Cigar Strength:   1(light)…[2.7]………..…….10(dark)

Overall Rating (scale 1-100):  1(worst)…………………………….[92]…100(best)



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