Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Epicure Maduro – Review #1

See below for Cigar Description and Summary

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Epicure Maduro

It is a great way to wrap up a weekend, in my backyard with a crackling fire in the fire pit and one of my long time smoking buddies under my chair (Shadow, the Golden Retriever). The night was a chili 40-something degrees and in my hand, a cigar I bought for a friend at which later I bought for myself. I just had to try it.

Created in 2008, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary (PR10) was created to commemorate 10 years in the cigar business. And a personal policy of mine is, if a company builds a cigar to commemorate something, more often than not, it is worth a try. says this:

“The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary edition cigar is made from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend of specially aged tobacco. This is highlighted with the nuances of a creamy coffee, and a cross of the sweet taste of honey.”
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It was a pleasant night, with the quiet world sitting around me. The occasional interruption in the silence from the highway a few miles away and the neighbors next door was promising this night would be a great one. This PR10 was paired with an old favorite, Johnny Walker (Black Label).

With the first stroke of a match, the PR10 had a full draw, clean and with the slightest blockage. This is always a characteristic I enjoy. I, personally, prefer a mouthful of smoke, making it more possible to take in the flavor from each draw. The PR10 did not disappoint in that department.

Since, I lack the ability to recognize detailed taste, I did find a hint of sweetness in each draw, but the taste was definitely of a darker mixture. There was just one thing missing, for me.

I enjoy Maduros more than most; yet, many times I expect a tinge of spiciness on the wrapper or even in the draw. It’s a great characteristic of any Maduro. But, the PR10 lacked.

For a cigar commemorating such a great feat in the cigar business, I found myself becoming more and more disappointed in the smoke. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had bad cigars before. Some have left me knelt over the porcelain regretting my commitment with the cigar for so long. However, the PR10 does not fit in that category. The flavor simply became…boring.

The cigar was significantly consistent in flavor. There was no changes in the complexity of taste, and no matter where you were within the cigar, it tasted pretty much the same as when you lit it. However, for a cigar that will last for almost an hour and half, I got bored.

The lite went off with out a problem, the burn caught up about 5-10 min. into it, and I didn’t ash until 1/3 of the way through the cigar. The wrapper looked great, oily with many predominant veins, and the cap was perfect. Yet, with all things considered, I lost interest.

But I won’t put the cigar on the back-burner just yet. I believe it would be a fine cigar if you aren’t fully focusing on the cigar. Something to pair with other activities, such as: golfing, poker, lawn work, etc.. If you’re not to caught up on focusing on the cigar, and would like to have a cigar that worked well with your afternoon activities, definitely try the PR10. But, if you are looking for something that will throw your taste buds for a loop and excite your senses, keep passing on by.

Or, if you are venturing into the darker Maduros, and are looking for a good entry level cigar, the PR10 might just work fine introducing you to the world of dark tobacco.

With it’s affordable price and a company name gaining it’s much deserved reputation, I expected more our of the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro Epicure. The PR10 was good, but not great. Not something I will venture back to in the near future, but I definitely wouldn’t throw it out all together. You can always give it to that buddy who thinks Black and Milds are a “world-class” cigar. It might make him the world’s next connoisseur. Or, he might spit it out and say, “Where’s the cloves?”

Cheers and enjoy!


Cigar Description and Summary:

Date of Review: January 23rd, 2011

Size: 6 x 54
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper Color: Maduro
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper Leaf Type: Habano
Filler: Long
Price: $6 per stick

Cigar Look: fairly oily wrapper with nice veins, well constructed and perfect cap
Cigar Taste (scale 1-10): 6, dark tobacco with its hint of sweetness, yet lacked complexity
Cigar Burn (scale 1-10): 8, first 5-10 minutes was uneven but caught up and burned nicel
Cigar Draw (scale 1-10): 10, one of the best draws from a cigar ever

Cigar Strength:   1(light)………………..[6.5]………….10(dark)

Overall Rating (scale 1-100):  1(worst)…………………………….[83]…………100(best)

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